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Elgato game capture, obs, twitch, twitter, tipeeestream, xsplit, youtube, mixer, and more stream deck integrates your tools and automatically detects your scenes, media, and audio sources, enabling you to control them with a quick tap of a key. Every serious video game streamer should own the elgato stream deck. Connection to either is simple, just make sure you are using the latest versions of either piece of software and the latest version of the stream deck application version 2. The elgato stream deck allows for unparalleled control and limitless possibilities with xsplit broadcaster. These animated sream deck icons have over 180 icons, each with four different animation styles, as well as an inverse version for each icon. For me, it is for mac and it appears as a menu bar utility. You can make adjustments to it, while using the stream deck software, stream deck, and broadcast software in real time to make sure your functions work exactly like you want them to. Stream deck has a bunch of new integrations, some often requested and some completely new. Streaming remote, start and stop obs or xsplit running on another computer more info. The stream deck application is easy and intuitive to use. Analog clock, shows an analog clock,, elgato download. It lets you assign keys, and then decorate and label them.

The above two use the elgato game capture hd drivers and need to be specially configured to use with vmix. Sold by distrotech and ships from amazon fulfillment. Support for obs, mixer, streamlabs, twitch, twitter, xsplit, and youtube are built in by default. In the preferences, window click the plus button to add a new profile for obs.

Using the elgato stream deck with xsplit broadcaster can simplify even the most complicated of workflows, allowing creators to easily switch scenes, launch media, send tweets, control chat, and configure up to 210 actions using a simple 15 lcd key setup with visual and haptic feedback. The elgato stream deck is the perfect companion for any live streaming influencer or video game streamer. Elgato has just released their largest update yet for the stream deck which brings some welcome fixes as well as plenty of new features to play around with. The elgato stream deck is a must have accessory for anyone whos a content creator, gamer, streamer, vlogger and youtuber. Elgato gaming adds xsplit support to its stream deck. Open the file and install once the download is complete. Elgato stream deck live content creation controller. But between thanking donors and welcoming new subscribers.

You can add elgato game capture hd as a camera source, via the file menu, or the add button at the bottom left. When a scene is deleted in obs studio, the scene is still visible in obs studio scene change action. Streamdeck plugin use companion buttons in the native stream deck application. Find out the elgato stream deck mini in stock and at the best price. The software has many presets made for elgato game capture, obs studio, twitch, and system functions such as website, hotkey switch, hotkeys and multimedia control. I love using the elgato setup, so much so i built a lego stand to house 2 x stream deck xls and built a full set of functionality for elite using them. How to use the elgato stream deck with xsplit broadcaster youtube. With the screen link plugin installed on your pc, your iphone or ipad automatically appears as a source in leading apps like obs studio, streamlabs obs, xsplit, and game capture. This free software was originally produced by elgato systems gmbh. Elgato gaming today announced xsplit software support for stream deck. After you sign up for an xsplit account, or enter your existing xsplit account information, you will be presented with the main xsplit window. Moving on, the stream deck mini is an incredible little device. The original elgato stream deck is a great device for managing your content while you stream games on twitch, but there are plenty of stream deck alternatives that can do the job, as well. To get started, make sure you are using elgato stream deck 1.

Macro deck turn you smartphone in a macro pad home. Youre instantly ready to create professional mobile content. Elgato stream deck live content creation controller with. To use macro deck you need the client for your android device and the server for your windows pc download now. All you need to do is swipe up to access your control center, and tap the broadcast icon. Macro deck is the perfect application for streamers. Works with elgato game capture as well as mixer, youtube, obs, xsplit, tipeeestream, twitch, and twitter. Click the top lefthand corner dropdown menu and click edit profiles. Aurora stream deck key icons we want to help you create the ultimate studio controller, so weve put together aurora a free key icon pack for the elgato stream deck and touch portal.

The program lies within multimedia tools, more precisely streaming media. The original elgato stream deck is a great device for managing your content while you stream games on twitch, but there are plenty of stream deck alternatives that can do. Elgato usb 32 key customisable stream deck xl ocuk. Iterating based on community feedback is a big part of our process at elgato, and xsplit integration has been one of the most popular requests for stream deck, elgato gaming general manager. Now back in elgato stream deck software, lets create a profile for obs to store all of our obs specific button commands. Gamer ninja gives the elgato stream deck five stars and recommends to purchase elgato stream deck. Top sites stream deck app elgato 2019 latest stream. Apart from havin xsplit ptr and latest elgate stream deck software you have to install vcredist x86 as well. Multidevice support while the stream deck comes with. Elgato game capture hd software, from elgato, should not be running when you attempt to use the elgato game capture hd hardware with xsplit.

Elgato gaming has some exciting news for you content creators out there as theyve announced xsplit software support for their latest product, the stream deck. As mentioned earlier, the stream deck also supports integration with a huge number of streaming and broadcasting applicationsservices. I would love to see elgato rethink their packaging for this product. The elgato stream deck isnt an essential tool for every pc gamer, but its a legitimately useful and fun shortcut panel for consistent, serious streamers who want to enhance and streamline their. Tiny but mighty stream deck mini packs the same punch as stream deck. All this to ensure you get the cheapest deal every time at techinn. The list is expansive, but some of the support broadcasting programs include obs studios, streamlabs, xsplit, and elgatos own game capture. The elgato stream deck offers amazing control for streaming and more oh, so much more. Game capture, obs, xsplit, tipeeestream, twitch, youtube, mixer, execute macros, launch programs, open websites, use hotkeys and more. While not a musthave, it has become an integral tool for people who want to be able to do more with their stream.

Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus free. You can add commands to your stream deck by dragging and dropping the commands you would like to appear on your streamdeck to the buttons represented in this application. Elgato stream deck announces xsplit support gamingshogun. A stepbystep guide on how to setup elgato stream deck with xsplit broadcaster. Stream deck wont sleep if xsplit is currently streaming. Elgatos latest update to their stream deck software adds support for multiaction macros.

An unofficial repository featuring the best plugins for the elgato stream deck. Release icon pack for elgato stream deck frontier forums. The configurations are endless and the unit is built very durable. Works really well and i no longer need a throttle but a single stick. Xsplit install correct software versionto get started, make sure you are. Stopped actions disappearing from the action list known bugs in this update. Thanks to awesome developers making use of stream decks sdk, a number of new integrations can be downloaded free of charge. After plugging in the usb cable, i visited the url in the manual to download. The cousin of the fullfeatured xsplit broadcaster, xsplit gamecaster can now be controlled by stream deck. That is the premise behind elgatos stream deck, which is a programmable hotkey pad whose 15 oled keys are mapped to practically any action.

The stream deck integrates with xsplit and open broadcaster software obs, the two most common streaming applications. The first step to its setup process is to download the stream deck app for your operating system. Elgato released stream deck just recently 2017 but it didnt take long before it gained popularity for content creators. I had the same problem, today the xsplit support came up with a solution. Top sites elgato stream deck app download 2019 latest. Smart profiles the stream deck will now automatically change the profile based on the frontmost application. This post is a stepbystep guide on how to use the elgato stream deck with xsplit broadcaster. With this api level integration, content creators who use xsplit as their primary software for recording and streaming can now easily control all aspects of their xsplit configuration directly with stream deck. Also have a look on our gaming sales and choose our best offers. Bitfocus companion enables the reasonably priced elgato streamdeck to be a. Elgato stream deck is now fully supported in xsplit ptr with new features try using elgato stream deck with xsplit broadcaster and give us. The stream deck integrates your tools and helps to automatically detect scenes, media, and audio sources, enabling.

Elgato game capture hd for windows and xsplit integration. This article goes over the actions that are available for use with xsplit. Elgato gaming announces xsplit integration for stream deck. Check out this video to see how you can setup the elgato stream deck with xsplit. Elgato stream deck support is now in xsplit ptr xsplit blog. Elgato stream deck multi action xsplit broadcaster setup. We are unable to fetch information from our download server. Elgato gaming announces xsplit integration for stream deck elgato gaming today announced xsplit software support for stream deck. This stream deck update contains epic new features and actions. With 15 programmable lcd keys and native support for game capture, mixer, obs studio, soundboard, streamlabs, streamlabs obs, tipeeestream, twitch, twitter, xsplit and youtube its a great piece of kit that. Stream deck plugins an unofficial repository featuring the best. Its the perfect addition to your content creator technology and for professionals who want to optimize, streamline and enhance workflow.

Elgato announces stream deck mini studio controller a new way to evolve your content fremont, ca july 24th, 2018 elgato, a leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, today announced stream deck mini, a brandnew addition to its lineup of streaming and video production tools. Elgato stream deck mini live content creation controller 6 customizable lcd keys windows 10 macos 10. Usb 32 key customisable stream deck xl 10gat9901 boasting 32 customizable lcd keys poised to launch unlimited actions with a tap, stream deck xl takes live production control to a whole new level. Instantly activate scenes, launch media, switch cameras, tweak lighting, adjust audio, post tweets, and more. The best elgato stream deck alternatives digital trends. These work with xsplit functions in elgatos stream deck software. Elgato stream deck is an essential gadget for serious game. After updating the stream deck software and downloading the latest version of the xsplit ptr with a new elgato extension, youre good to go.

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