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A research on improving seismic performance of nonengineered. Slow earthquake in afghanistan detected by insar furuya 2008. Strong earthquake in afghanistan kills more than 150. Since 1950 more than 12400 people died by direct consequences of earthquakes. Report of the undac mission 10 february to 6 march, 1998 following the earthquake of 4 february, 1998 in rustaq, afghanistan. Massive quake hits afghanistan, tremors in india, pakistan.

Earthquakes in afghanistan in afghanistan there are partly large earthquakes with strengths of more than 7. We hope to receive information soon as to the possible landslides that have occurred. Massive quake hits afghanistan, tremors in india, pakistan the depth of the quake was 190 km with an estimated magnitude of 6. According to the national center for seismology ncs, the quake occurred at. India time at a depth of 210 km, had its epicentre in the hindu kush region, an india meteorological department official told ians. On the northwestern side of the tibetan plateau, beneath the pamirhindu kush mountains of northern afghanistan, earthquakes occur at depths as great as 200 km as a result of remnant. Strong afghanistan earthquake felt across south asia news dw. Residents search for belongings in the rubbles of a house after it was damaged by an earthquake in peshawar, pakistan, october 26, 2015. To access usgs earthquake information without using javascript, use our magnitude 2. Geological survey says the temblor was centered just across the border, in a remote part of tajikistan. Measured by the size of the country, earthquakes do not occur very frequently. The quake occurred after 5 pm and had a depth of 210 km. The death toll from the earthquake that shook parts of south asia has risen above 300. Strong earthquake hit afghanistan worthy christian news.

The earthquake of may 30, 1935 in quetta, balochistan george pararas carayannis. The epicenter was in the far northern province of badakhshan. The october 2015 hindu kush earthquake was a magnitude 7. People entertainment books city life humour between the lines specials. Earthquake strikes afghanistan and pakistan, multiplying wars woes. The powerful quake, which occurred in the hindu kush mountains 256km northeast of kabul city jolted countries across the region including kazakhstan. Afghanistan earthquake latest breaking news and updates, information, look at maps, watch videos and view photos and more.

The earthquake, pakistans biggest ever, occurred at a depth of 210km. In the same region the more recent 30 may 1935, m7. More than 260 people have died, mostly in pakistan, after a magnitude7. The quakes impact was felt beyond afghanistan as damages and casualties have been reported in the western part of pakistan while minor damage occurred in india. A strong earthquake rattled kabul, the capital of afghanistan for about a minute on sunday. It was centered near the city of muzaffarabad, and also affected pakistans khyber pakhtunkhwa province and indianadministered jammu and kashmir. Death toll rises above 375 in afghanistan, pakistan earthquake. Afghani and pakistani officials said 267 of those deaths occurred. More than 260 killed after earthquake shakes afghanistan, pakistan oct. The 2009 afghanistan earthquake was a dipslip doublet earthquake occurred in eastern afghanistan, with an initial shock of magnitude of 5. In 2010, an intensity vii earthquake shook several parts of afghanistan, including the mazarisharif and kabul regions, killing 11 people and injuring 70, according to the u.

Join the discussion on facebook or twitter and find more about temblor, tremor or quakes that have occurred in afghanistan quakes. A major earthquake struck the remote afghan northeast on monday, killing at least 5 people in afghanistan and nearby northern pakistan and sending shock waves as far as new delhi, officials said. Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Mondays earthquake occurred 125 miles north of kabul, afghanistans capital and largest city. Map and database of probable and possible quaternary faults in afghanistan usgs ofr 20071103 seismotectonic map of afghanistan and adjacent areas usgs ofr 20071104. I was in india and this earthquake happened in afghanistanpakistan. Tremors from the quake were also felt in northern india and tajikistan. This is the second time an earthquake has occurred today. This presence of active seismic source regions leaves afghanistan highly. Afghanistan is situated near the southern extent of the eurasian plate. Find articles, news, videos, pictures, links and facts about afghanistan. Twelve school girls were killed in a stampede as they tried to evacuate shaking buildings in. Earthquakes in afghanistan today earthquakes today.

Last major earthquake to hit the same region of similar magnitude 7. A strong earthquake has occurred near to populated areas in baghlan. A major earthquake has hit afghanistan, northern pakistan and parts of india, with more than 150 killed and early reports suggesting it has caused extensive damage in. The largest earthquake to strike the balochistan region in the 20th century occurred on 31 may 1935, near quetta a very active seismic region of presentday pakistan. The earthquake happened in the afghanistan province of laghman population 416,184. I was in india and this earthquake happened in afghanistan pakistan. Deadly earthquake with epicenter close to jalalabad. We detected no surface slip before the earthquake during the 1. Keep this page open to read more details when they become available. The powerful quake, which occurred in the hindu kush mountains 256km northeast of kabul city jolted countries across the region including kazakhstan, uzbekistan, tajikistan, india and pakistan. Javascript must be enabled to view our earthquake maps. Modified mercalli intensity with a 2percent probability of exceedance in 50 years 2.

Omer mohammadi, a spokesman for afghanistans disaster management authority, says two small children were injured when their home. Most of the largest in the continental united states have occurred in california or elsewhere along the pacific coast, but the three new madrid earthquakes 181112 also were among the largest continental events, as was the charleston, s. List of books and articles about earthquakes online. Earthquakehazard maps for afghanistan and hazard curves for kabul, herat, kandahar, and mazare sharif. Quake hits afghanistan, tremors felt in north india, pakistan. Strong earthquake in afghanistan kills more than 150 people world.

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